Pressure Chemical was founded in 1964 on the basis of an extensive knowledge of carbon monoxide chemistry. This knowledge, along with a healthy dose of entrepreneurial spirit, allowed us to produce a complete line of metal carbonyls, which became the foundation of our custom chemical business. Over the years, our custom product and process development business has grown and we have broadened our carbonylation chemistry expertise.

Pressure Chemical Company's ability to handle carbon monoxide safely, combined with a thorough understanding of carbonylation catalysis, is the key to a successful outcome for your project. We have the equipment, trained operators and senior technical expertise to handle the toughest challenge in carbon monoxide chemistry

carbon monoxide chemistry

specialty CO/olefin copolymerization

Whether your project calls for a kilo of metal carbonyl, process development work on a specialty CO/olefin copolymerization, or tons of a hydroformylated product, Pressure can fill the need.

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