Custom Chemical Manufacturing

The Custom Chemical Manufacturing Partnership is a program wherein Pressure Chemical Company and certain of its customers invest in each other with the goal of establishing a long-term product development and supply relationship. The program is best suited to customers with limited chemical manufacturing capabilities or those seeking to outsource an existing product.

There are three key aspects of the program: protection of intellectual property, security of supply, and cost reduction.

The first step in the program is the execution of a mutual nondisclosure agreement. This document commits each party to protect the other’s technology. Improvements in technology funded by a customer always remain the exclusive property of the customer, but in an Custom Chemical Manufacturing Partnership, improvements in technology developed by Pressure Chemical Company on its own are shared with the customer royalty free to help drive down costs in order to grow the market.

The second key aspect is surety of supply. Pressure Chemical Company will work closely with the customer on demand forecasts, inventory levels, raw materials purchasing and logistics to arrive at the lowest cost solutions to ensure that the customer’s forecast can be met without undue risk.

The third aspect is on going product development and application engineering. Often times a custom chemical product that is exactly on spec does not produce the desired outcome when introduced to the customer’s production process. Pressure Chemical Company’s scientists will work directly with the customer’s technical personnel to develop appropriate specifications, help drive out product costs, improve yields, and increase profits.

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