Pressure Chemical's Most Valuable Asset - Our Employees

Over more than four decades, Pressure Chemical's employees have fostered a culture of innovation. This special, creative climate arose in part from necessity; we are challenged each week by opportunities to develop and improve new processes for the manufacture of novel materials.

The variability and originality of this work is a great motivator, so we have very little employee turnover. The many years of diverse processing experience gained by each plant employee serve to guide us toward the application of new process ideas in ways that are practical, scaleable, and cost-effective.

Long term employees

Our employees come from highly diverse backgrounds, which broaden the mix of thoughts, viewpoints and approaches offered in each discussion. Pressure’s engineering and maintenance staff have experience in the mechanical, nuclear, and chemical disciplines, as well as trades such as metalworking, electrical, and carpentry. Our Project Leaders and Chemists have earned PhDs, masters, and bachelors degrees in various disciplines and have backgrounds in organic, inorganic, organometallic, polymer, analytical chemistry, and materials science. Pressure’s Sales Managers are well-versed in technical matters and have backgrounds in both chemistry and sales. We pride ourselves in maintaining a distinctive employee base; our staff also includes professionals with backgrounds in biology, education, investment banking, journalism, legal, marketing, and regulatory affairs. The comprehensive experiences of our workforce contribute to the success of our operation and your project.

Our practice of inviting customers to visit and collaborate with us in the development of their new processes has contributed enormously to the growth of our employees, the freshness of their thinking and our ongoing mutual successes with customers. We invite all who are interested to come in and talk with us in complete confidence about your interests, your requirements and your goals.

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  • Administrative Assistant
  • Buyer/Accountant
  • Human Resources Administrator
  • Office Manager
  • Receptionist/Secretary



Sales and Marketing

Pressure Chemical Employee Appreciation Cruise

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