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Pressure Chemical Company manufactures many Ferrocene derivatives.

Ferrocene and Ferrocene Derivatives / CASRN 102-54-5

Specific products can be chosen based on desired physical properties. Organometallic reagents with high electron transfer properties, improve stability in diesel fuels, provide very efficient backbones for phosphine ligands.

Ferrocene derivatives are versatile reagents for; 

Polymer applications:

An acrylic monomer activator used to decrease premature chain termination and branching of the polymer. This provides the product with precisely the correct amount of bonding strength. It also serves to increase shelf life of the product

  • Used to increase heat and ultraviolet stability of various polyethylene polymers
  • Used to impart fire-resistance to olefin polymers
  • Electronics applications:
  • Used to stabilize the current realized in ceramic carbon electrodes
  • Used to deposit iron-containing thin films in chemical vapor deposition processes for semi-conductor chips
  • Used to prevent overcharge in secondary lithium ion batteries
  • Used to enhance the manufacture of nanoelectronic silicon chips

Synthetic chemistry:

  • Used as a catalyst for oxidative syntheses
  • Used in the manufacture of ammonia
  • Used in the production of a fire suppressant


Used in the manufacture of catalysts for sophisticated chiral intermediates used in the pharmaceutical industry

  • Being investigated as an activator for lymphocytes and macrophages resulting in anti-tumor effects
  • Used in the synthesis of biologically significant amino acid derivatives
  • Used in blood glucose meters to accurately measure glucose levels
Catalog Number  Compound   CAS
3-026           Ferrocene  102-54-5
3-044           Benzoyl Ferrocene  1272-44-2
3-066           n-Butyl Ferrocene  31904-29-7

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