Pressure Chemical has extensive experience in hydroformylation process development, scale-up, and manufacturing. Hydroformylation processes can be challenging due to the extreme reaction conditions, as well as the toxic, flammable, and reactive raw materials and reagents. Our scientists and engineers are well-versed in the safe operation of the high-pressure equipment necessary for these syntheses.

In hydroformylation reactions, olefins are converted to aldehydes. The reaction must be performed at high pressure in the presence of carbon monoxide, hydrogen, and catalyst. PCC can readily execute both batch and continuous hydroformylations. An example of a continuous process performed at PCC follows.

olefins are converted to aldehydes

One use for hydroformylated products is the production of alcohols. Some hydroformylation catalysts can form the alcohol directly, other catalysts form the aldehyde, and then the product must be hydrogenated to the alcohol. Pressure can help you decide which approach is best for your requirement.

production of alcohols

Please see our hydrogenation capabilities for additional details

PCC has performed hydroformylation reactions on a wide variety of olefins and we can help you with your requirement at lab, pilot, or commercial scale.

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