Catalytic Hydrogenation Processes

Including High Pressure Hydrogenation

Put our 40 years of experience with catalytic hydrogenation processes to work on your toughest process challenge. While most hydrogenation processes can be accomplished under fairly mild temperature and pressure, many important reactions require high pressure hydrogenation. Unlike most companies we possess the high pressure hydrogenation equipment needed for complex hydrogenation processing, including:

  • hydrogenation of nitriles
  • hydrogenation of double bonds in aromatics
  • hydrogenation of esters to alcohols

At Pressure Chemical Company, experienced operators maintain a versatile mix of low to high pressure hydrogenation equipment. Along with our extensive inventory of homogeneous catalysts means we are ready to start the hydrogenation process you need. Pressure Chemical Company will handle your hydrogenation order for pilot, batch or continuous hydrogenation.

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Batch Hydrogenation

For your pilot scale hydrogenation requirements we have four autoclaves from 300 ml to one-gallon. For extreme conditions, our one-gallon Hastelloy C ™ autoclave is rated at 10,000 psi (689 bar) at 450o C. We can produce drum quantities for market development in our 30-gallon unit or if you are ready for commercial scale hydrogenation, we have the experience to move directly from your one-gallon pilot hydrogenation to our 100 and 250-gallon autoclaves. Our 250-gallon unit features an enhanced gas dispersion system that can often produce shorter cycle times and more precise hydrogenation.

Pressure Chemical also offers a unique catalyst demonstration service

Continuous Hydrogenation

For small scale projects our 1-liter Continuous Flow Fixed Bed unit rated at 4,500 psi (310 bar) at 427o C is ideal. It can run up flow, down flow or trickle bed. Our experienced operators ensure the accuracy and safety of this hydrogenation process. Additionally the collection of the hydrogenation parameters is facilitated using our Yokogawa data acquisition system for analysis.

All of our autoclaves are housed in cells with dedicated inert relief systems. All equipment within the cell is rated to Class I Div II. The right equipment combined with the extensive experience of our operators means your hydrogenation project will be run safely and accurately.

We have operated a 25-liter continuous hydrogenation unit in the past for special project work. Please speak to your Pressure Chemical representative about your needs.

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