Oxidation chemistry is an extremely important industrial processing technique.  A wide variety of products can be produced using a wide variety of conditions.  Pressure Chemical has capabilities and expertise to assist you with development, piloting, or manufacture of your oxidation process.  Using our unique range of equipment, we can work with customers to develop efficient oxidation processes as stand-alone projects, or as part of a larger synthetic plan. 

Oxidation conditions can be harsh (toxic or corrosive reagents, difficult isolation techniques, etc.) and Pressure Chemical has the experience to evaluate and execute your oxidation requirement safely.  Our experience shows that oxidation is not always the most effective method, though, at achieving the desired outcome (see dehydrogenation example below).

Oxidation 1

Oxidation of aldehydes

Oxidation 2

Oxidation 3

Oxidation of alcohols

Oxidaton 4


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