The Pressure Chemical Company (PCC) Advantages

Selecting a custom chemical development partner, an outsource solution for your chemical processing needs, or a toll manufacturer for your business is a significant, often critical, decision. It is important to consider the following points when making this choice:

Permitting – Due to the broad range of our chemical development and production projects, we already hold most of the permits, certifications, and regulatory know-how to handle nearly any chemical or specialty material. As a result, Pressure Chemical Co. is able to quickly assess whether any permitting constraints need to be addressed prior to the implementation of your chemical processing plan. If your chemical process requirements are within the broad scope of our capabilities, we implement your processes and procedures in our plant without delay. If your chemical process requires modifications to our regulatory status we know how to address the issue and move forward quickly.

Equipment – We have an extensive array of chemical processing equipment that can be configured to meet your needs. In fact, our 27,000 square foot facility functions as nine pilot plants in one location. With reactors sized from one to 1,000 gallons, various materials of construction, and a broad range of pressure and temperature capabilities, our chemical plant is capable of delivering nanomaterials, cosmetic ingredients, specialty polymers, electronic materials, custom intermediates, etc.

People – Each of our operators is thoroughly trained and SOCMA certified. With combined experience of 380 years at Pressure Chemical Co. we have probably solved problems similar to yours many times before. All of our Scientists and Engineers are active in the American Chemical Society (ACS), American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), and the Materials Research Society (MRS).

Easy to Do Business With – Pressure Chemical Company keeps administrative burdens to a minimum and focuses on the chemistry. Projects are typically undertaken under a mutual confidentiality agreement. This type of document commits each party to protect the other's technology and intellectual property. Our typical agreement is available for download, but we can work with your standard agreement as well. We work hand in hand with our customers to ensure we are responsive to their requirements and give them excellent value for their investment.