Polymerization has been a core strength for Pressure Chemical Company since it was founded in 1964. Soon after startup we were approached by a local institution for help in scaling up a process using pyrophoric organometallic compounds to initiate a "living polymerization". A few months later we were producing the first commercial quantities of the Mellon Institute Monodispersed Polystyrene Standards. Many of the polymer standards that we have produced are still used worldwide to determine the characteristics and quality of commercial polymers.

Since then we have continued to expand our expertise in anionic, cationic, condensation, emulsion, free-radical, suspension polymerizations and Styrene Butadiene Anionic Copolymerization. This allows Pressure Chemical Company to provide you with the services that you need for your specialty polymer project from the initial polymer development through commercial production. We can work with gaseous and liquid monomers and have the systems in place to purify these monomers as required. We can work with difficult polymerization initiators such as alkyl lithiums, peroxides and AIBN. If your reaction requires a flammable solvent, we can handle it.

Polymerization is an important first step, but the isolation of the finished polymer is often the most challenging part of the process. We have a variety of filtration and centrifugation equipment to isolate the polymer and rotary vacuum and tray drying equipment to give you the final product in the form that you need.

Our small scale pilot deck and larger scale commercial production facility provides multiple reactors from 200 gallons to 1,000 gallons that can be used for monomer pre-blending, polymerization and polymer isolation as one continuous process.

When you're looking for a specialty polymer to perform in a specified manner, but don't quite know its exact composition and would like a quick series of polymers run for your evaluation, then the Polymer Dream Machine is right for you. We built this purification system in 1998 when a polymerization project required a high tech cleanup of the monomers. In just 14 days we built what became known as the "Polymer Dream Machine" and only 7 days later we delivered four 150-pound on spec batches to the customer. The Dream Machine is a 200 Gallon SS Pressure vessel complete with high tech monomer purification feed systems. The unit is designed to handle both liquid and gaseous monomers and can produce co-polymers of very narrow molecular weight distribution. Its inherent flexibility allows for rapid change in the number and type of monomers.

We continue to expand our polymerization capabilities as we identify new requirements. Recently we modified our 1,000-gallon 316 ss polymerization reactor to handle even tougher challenges. Our internal maintenance team built a loop reactor system that increased the heat transfer capabilities by 200,000 BTU. This allows us to handle exothermic reactions with greater control and safety.

If you already have a finished polymer, but it requires modification, we can customize your material utilizing a variety of chemistries and equipment, including the best equipped custom high pressure facility in the US.

We have been producing specialty polymers for our customers for over 40 years.

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