Customer Testimonials

Goodyear Tire & Rubber

"We learned a lot at PCC and are very positive about the experience. You have a really neat group of people. You can stop on a dime, make a 180o turn and be ready to go in a day, maybe two! Working at PCC is like playing with your own little chemistry set. The operators are well skilled."Richard Musleve, Master Operations Technician


Linas Mazeika, President of 3L & T CORPORATION in Mountain View CA, says that he was ". . . very well impressed by the years of experience that PCC's operators have. It was apparent that each operator was familiar with the equipment and procedures and was able to ask questions which were relevant to our process. Everything went very well."

Dow Chemical

Sure, I would consider returning to PCC for a future project-- where it is a good fit reflects Dave Alsgaard, DOW Chemical. "Where you need dramatic flexibility to change. . . the flexibility demonstrated by your people is amazing. They are always willing to make it happen."

Rutgers Organics Corp

"All things that could have been predicted for this project were done so with accuracy," says Adrian David, Rutgers Organics Corp. "When something unexpected happened, it was addressed immediately. The experience was really positive. The time frame was very well anticipated. Some companies tell you to come in on a specific date and when we arrive as a team, they may just be cleaning equipment from a previous job or even just setting up equipment for our job. When we arrived at PCC on the designated date, you were ready to do business. Our time was not wasted, nor our money on excess hotel bills and related expenditures. Communication was very good."

Cytec Industries Inc.

Work was done efficiently and proficiently. Pressure Chemical Company operators are "first class." They are willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. We never had to coax them to try something new or another avenue. Craig Spink was outstanding. The process required introducing a hazardous gaseous reagent into a sealed vessel. A carcinogenic by product required tight controls to prevent any release from the reactor. We did this so safely that it was boring reported Dr. Martin Cohen, principal research scientist with CYTEC INDUSTRIES, Inc.