Pressure Chemical Company Core Services

Pressure Chemical Company has three primary areas of business.

Pressure Chemical Company specializes in chemical process development and scale up of fine chemicals and specialty materials utilizing our unique array of high pressure, glass lined, solids handling, and distillation equipment. With years of experience in scale up chemistry and chemical process design, we can work with you to develop any number of custom chemical processes. We handle toxic and corrosive materials, even if air and moisture sensitive. From laboratory scale to thousands of gallons, at pressures from full vacuum to 10,000 psig, and temperatures from minus 78°C to 600°C, we have the equipment and process expertise to handle most requirements. If you have unique chemical processing needs, we are often able to acquire and install additional equipment or modify an existing plant configuration to accommodate your requirements without substantial delay.

Our analytical lab is fully staffed to ensure timely responses to in process requirements. Our quality systems have been developed to ensure that the products we produce meet the standards of the many industries that we serve.

If you have a molecule or a laboratory process in mind, request a quote. We can demonstrate the process through piloting. To ensure optimization of chemical processes, we will work closely with your technical personnel to refine your processes and achieve the desired results. Once a chemical process design has been proven, we can provide initial production runs or commercial development quantities.

If you have a specialty material that is hard to source due to low volume requirements or is difficult to manufacture, please contact us. If you do not have chemical manufacturing or process development capabilities available in house, you can utilize our toll manufacturing services in the development and production of your key raw materials. Normally, these materials are high value, low volume items that are developed in partnership with you and then manufactured exclusively for you under a Custom Chemical Manufacturing Partnership.