About Pressure Chemical Co.

Since 1964, Pressure Chemical has been serving clients ranging from the world’s largest petrochemical and chemical companies to startups and market leaders in a wide variety of businesses.

The Company

In 2012, Pressure Chemical became part of the Minafin Group of companies. This association expands our processing capabilities and expertise.

Pressure Chemical provides chemical process development, piloting, scale up, custom chemicals, and toll manufacturing services. We have the capability to manufacture a variety of specialty and fine chemical compounds for our customers. These services are available to you because of the unique array of chemical processing equipment and expertise we possess.

Our People

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff of operators and project leaders can offer a significant advantage in leading to a successful project completion.

Our employees come from highly diverse backgrounds, which broaden the mix of thoughts, viewpoints and approaches offered in each discussion. The comprehensive experiences of our workforce contribute to the success of our operation and your project.

The Company

Our Methodology

Our practice of inviting customers to visit and collaborate with us in the development of their new processes has contributed enormously to the growth of our employees, the ingenuity of their thinking and our ongoing mutual successes with customers. We invite all who are interested to come in and talk with us in complete confidence about your interests, your requirements and your goals.

Our Mission

In alignment with the Minafin Group of companies, our mission is to:

  • Improve chemistry and operations excellence today
  • Create and innovate for tomorrow
  • Drive our enterprises together to go beyond expectations and support our customers to improve the quality of life in the global community.
Pressure Chemical Co.
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