Toll Manufacturing Facility

Nine Pilot Plants. One Location.

27,000 ft2 with 25,000 L of Reactor Capacity

Pressure Chemical’s one-of-a-kind production facility is suited for the specific needs to manufacture volumes ranging from kilos to tons. Our unique array of chemical processing equipment and process expertise, coupled with over 50 years of toll manufacturing experience can help reduce costs and shorten your product development cycle.

Our toll manufacturing approach provides unique services for customers in need of multi-step synthesis. Our facility can provide laboratory research and feasibility analysis, process development, and multi-tiered scale up from pilot to commercial quantities.

Pressure Chemical’s equipment is arranged in modular manufacturing cells that provide flexibility that is unmatched in the industry. Please review our equipment list or contact us if you have a question about a specific piece of equipment or manufacturing capability. Our production and maintenance staff is available to reconfigure our equipment, or install customer supplied equipment in a unique arrangement to accommodate your specific requirements. Please contact us if you have a requirement in mind or if you would like to assess our facility’s capabilities.