Specialty Chemical Products

Pressure Chemical has a variety of products available for sale based on custom production order, which represent commercial products that are utilized in many different industries.

Cholesteric Liquid Crystals

Phenyltrimethylammonium Chloride (PTAC) CAS# 138-24-9

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  • Is available as a crystalline powder which is virtually anhydrous with a purity of NLT 97%
  • An effective phase transfer catalyst used as a practical corrosion inhibitor for low carbon steel
  • Particularly useful for alkaline depolymerizations as well as a  highly efficient methylating agent

Rhenium Carbonyl CAS# 14285-68-8 (Item #4-051)

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Pressure Chemical Company has been producing high-quality Rhenium carbonyl since 1964. The product is available as a solid that sublimes in-vacuo.

Rhenium Carbonyl CAS

Rhenium carbonyl finds utility in wide ranging applications…

  • As a TCVD precursor
  • In the preparation of zeolites
  • A catalyst in the hydrogenation of C-S bonds
  • A catalyst for the alkylation of arenes
  • In the preparation of highly active metathesis catalysts
  • A catalyst for the hydrogenation of amides and lactones
  • In catalytic olefin dimerization
  • As a catalyst in the preparation of alkane polyols
  • In the selective hydrogenation of a,b unsaturated. aldehydes to a,b unsaturated alcohols

Sodium Cyclohexyltaurate (SCT) CAS# 3076-05-9

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Sodium Cyclohexyltaurate (SCT) CAS# 3076-05-9

  • Available in an aqueous solution at 30 wt%
  • Provides anionic surfactant properties to many personal care products, can improve coating properties of photographic film, and as a modifier for production of metal-selective membranes

Tris(2-aminoethyl)amine (TREN) CAS # 4097-89-6

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Tris(2-aminoethyl)amine (TREN) CAS # 4097-89-6

  • Synonyms: 2,2′,2′′-Nitrilotriethylamine, 2,2′,2′′-Triaminotriethylamine, TAEA 3 grades are 88, 95, 98%
  • A very versatile reagent with a high degree of basicity and complete miscibility with water
  • Used in the manufacture of textile dyes, as a detergent additive, highly effective ATR polymerization, form trifunctional, non-yellowing tri-isocyanates

Tyloxapol CAS# 25301-02-4

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  • Phenol,4-(1,1,3,3-tetramethylbutyl) polymer with formaldehyde and oxirane
  • US-produced product meets JPC and USP specifications
  • Yellow-brown viscous liquid
  • Soluble in polar and non-polar solvents
  • Non-ionic liquid polymer

Tyloxapol Applications Used as a surfactant, detergent, dispersing agent, encapsulating agent, hydroxy radical scavenger

  • Modifies interfacial tension of water
  • Forms stable dispersions of nanoparticles

Neopentyl Alcohol (NPA) CAS#75-84-3

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  • Is a unique solid alcohol soluble in both polar and non-polar solvents.
  • Offered neat (without solvent carrier) or in solution.
  • Uses include improving oxidative stability in some lubricants, preventing plugging in ink-jet printer cartridges, as well as in the synthesis of sterically hindered esters for personal care products.

Potassium Hydride (KH) 30 wt% in Mineral Oil CAS# 7693-26-7

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Pressure Chemical has more than 40 years of experience producing and handling potassium hydride. The material is manufactured only as a 30 wt% slurry in mineral oil the packaging size is 5 kg of KH net contained/cylinder. Given our ability to manufacture this material in house, there is a minimum campaign size required. (Contact Us for pricing and availability)

Effective reducing agent, base, catalyst with greater reactivity than either sodium or lithium hydride

Is the most effective reagent for desilylation of alpha-hydroxy silanes, readily converts ketones to potassium enolates at ambient temperature, and is used for synthesis of high purity indole propanoates

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